Print out from the University computers

To be able to use the University’s printing service, Eduprint, you need to have a student account and an account for printing.

Print portal

  • Log in to the print portal with your student account.
  • Click on the menu bar to the left of Add Credit to replenish money for printing in eduPrint.
  • For detailed instructions, click on the menu bar to the left of eduPrint guides in the print portal

Go to the printing portal External link.

You can also send your printouts by enclosing documents in an email:

To be able to use the University’s printing service, eduPrint, you also need to have a student account.

Print out from your own device

Mobility print is the University’s service for printing out from your own laptop, tablet or smartphone when you are at the University.

  • Connect yourself to the wireless network Eduroam.
  • Log in to the print portal and follow the instructions under the heading ”Mobility print” in the menu on the left.
  • Print out directly from your computer using the mobility print driver, or alternatively print directly in the web interface.

Scan to your email, home catalogue or cloud

Select Scan document directly to your home catalogue, email or cloud (OneDrive for Business).

More information about printing and scanning External link.

What does a printout cost?

This is what it costs to print out:


  • Double-sided A4: 0.40 SEK/page (0.80 SEK/sheet)
  • Single-sided A4: 0.50 SEK/page (0.50 SEK/sheet)
  • Double-sided A3: 0.80 SEK/page (1.60 SEK/sheet)
  • Single-sided A3: 1.0 SEK/page (1.0 SEK/sheet)


  • Double-sided A4: 0.8 SEK/page (1.6 SEK/sheet)
  • Single-sided A4: 1.0 SEK/page (1.0 SEK/sheet)
  • Double-sided A3: 1.60 SEK/page (3.20 SEK/sheet)
  • Single-sided A3: 2.0 SEK/page (2.0 SEK/sheet)

Fault reporting

It there appears to be a fault with the printer, please contact Helpdesk, stating the printer’s number EDP-MDH-appropriate number, for example EDP-MDH-032.

Telephone: 016 - 15 51 50
Email: helpdesk@mdu.se

Contact the Student Centre

If you have any questions, please contat
the Student Centre at studenttorget@mdu.se