Degree project days

The degree project days provide a golden opportunity for yourself and your organisation. When actually on campus you’ll have the opportunity to tell people what you want help with, and to meet students with the type of skills your organisation needs.

The degree project days are intended for all employers within the private or public sectors who wish to know more about the assignments or studies the students can carry out as their degree project. The students themselves are also urged to look for conceivable employers or to tell them what they themselves can ”offer”.

Every employer looking for students for assignments will have a small exhibition stand on campus during the Degree Project days. If you wish, you may give a short oral presentation of the assignments you are offering.

Before a student can begin the degree project, a supervisor from the University must have given consent.

Application and more information

You will find a link to the application page here after the invitation to the day has been sent out. If you wish to have an invitation or more information, please contact karriartorget@mdh.se.