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For MDU, collaboration with the surrounding community is important. Therefore there are several opportunities for collaboration partners, together with researchers and students, to identify challenges and then work together to find solutions. By means of their degree projects, students can study different organisations and find new approaches. More in-depth research can be conducted in projects in which researchers and externally employed doctoral students in industries and municipalities cooperate with companies and the public sector.

Let students find solutions through their degree projects

There are a lot of advantages with involving a student in an organisation and therefore more and more companies, municipalities and organisations are letting students carry out their degree projects at their workplaces.

A degree project is an independent degree project or essay, depending on the specialisation and tradition of the subject, and is carried out towards the end of the student’s studies.

The degree project may be based on a suggestion from an employer, but it can also be a study on the student’s own initiative. For the student, the degree project is an opportunity to test their knowledge under supervision. A student has new research-based knowledge and can often come with a new approach to solve problems and develop the organisation.


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A bridge between university and working life

The University’s research takes place in collaboration with the private and the public sectors. A good example of this is externally employed doctoral students, that is to say research students who are carrying out research studies at the University at the same time as they are working within private or public organisations. The externally employed doctoral students act as a link between research and the work in the organisation, and on behalf of MDU they help the University’s research groups to ensure that the research conducted is relevant in practice.


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