Datum 2022-09-21
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Professor's portrait: Mobyen Uddin Ahmed

Mobyen Uddin Ahmed is one of the professors to be installed at the Academic Ceremony on 7 October 2022.

Mobyen Uddin Ahmed is one of the professors to be installed at the Academic Ceremony on 7 October 2022.

Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Professor, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering , Division of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Please tell us briefly about your academic career – what decisions have brought you to where you are today?

I was always good at explaining things and I loved to teach. But the real journey of my academic career began in 2003 when we ( my wife and I) decided to leave our home country to pursue higher education. During my PhD and Postdocs, I realised that I enjoyed working with research and education. Supervising students is immensely rewarding for me while at the same time, I can devote my time to pursuing my interests and passions. I am happy to help students succeed in their careers and support companies or organisations in their business operations. I feel proud to help develop society through my research and educational activities.

In what area do you conduct research ?

I was interested in learning about science from a young age. I had dreamt about studying in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning. During my Master of Science degree, I developed my first Decision Support System (DSS) for Parkinson’s dose tuning based on AI, Fuzzy Logic and Reasoning. I was delighted to see the practical use of AI in helping sick patients. There is a huge potential in using AI, Machine learning and Reasoning in industry and it can also help automation.

How would you describe your research environment at MDU?

I believe MDU has an excellent research environment, where I can perform interesting activities through cross-disciplinary thinking and research.

What is the driving force in your research?

I enjoy conducting research that brings people together, and often I have felt privileged to work together with different people, from PhD students to famous professors and engineers to company managers.

Which research domains are particularly important for you?

I conduct research that “Mimics human intelligence in a machine!” to provide support, work efficiency and automation. At the same time, I would like to get involved in challenging issues while solving real-world problems that can change the world for the better, even though my own contribution through research may be quite small.

How do you feel about becoming a Professor given that MDU has recently become an official University?

I am delighted that my journey as a full Professor began at the same time when MDU became an official University. As a new University, MDU will provide an even better work environment and I believe that it will have a big impact on my future. As a new Professor in AI, I can contribute both internally and externally in promoting MDU’s research and education activities in a wider scope than before.

What's the best part about conducting research at MDU?

MDU offers a very inspiring research environment where we can work on Multidimensional research areas and collaborate with industry.