Winners of the Teaching Prize have been selected

By highlighting skilled teachers and other employees at MDU, the University wishes to focus on teaching expertise, and also stimulate educational development and continuing professional development. The prize is awarded to those who have made outstanding contributions to education at Bachelors and Masters level.

This can be done through teaching innovatively and creatively, or by allowing students to make connections early with their future employers. The prize can also go to someone who focuses on their students and encourages them to be curious, creative and to think critically.

The award, which has a value of SEK 50000 will be bestowed in connection with the Academic Ceremony on 5 April 2024. The prize money will be shared by the prize winners who must use it to contribute to their educational development.

Four categories

Four categories are included in the criteria for the Teaching Prize. Those persons who are appointed as recipients of the 2024 prize are relevant in several categories.

  1. Teaching achievements
    The nominee/nominees have demonstrated teaching expertise by enabling and developing student learning.
  2. Collaboration internally and externally
    The nominee/nominees have shown commitment and ability to collaborate with colleagues or with representatives from the students' future employers.
  3. Educational leadership
    The nominee/nominees have in various ways worked to develop education and teaching.
  4. Sharing models and results
    The nominee/nominees have worked to disseminate great models and results both in the region, in the country and abroad.

Recipients of the Teaching Prize

When we place our students’ learning at the core of what we do, we need teachers who can create good conditions for learning and who can support our students with their education. The nominations demonstrate that we have many appreciated teachers at MDU which we are delighted about. I wish to give extra congratulations to the three persons who were awarded the prize, says Cecilia Bjursell, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at MDU.

The recipients of the 2024 Teaching Prize are:

  • Anna Johansson, Senior Lecturer and Head of Division at the Department of Business and Political Science at the School of Business, Society and Engineering (EST)
  • Bjarne Hindersson, Lecturer at the Department of Information Design at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT)
  • Helena Wreeby, Lecturer at the Department of Physiotherapy at the School of Health, Care and Social Welfare (HVV)

Grounds for the decision:

As Head of Division Anna Johansson is committed to raising the awareness of higher education teaching and learning and the skills set in her division. She has a well-developed and deliberate strategy as an educational leader and creates great possibilities for her staff to develop their educational skills. At the same time, she strives for an increased level of quality in the various subjects in the division. Anna drives the work forward by, for example, focusing on educational issues during workplace meetings, discussing pedagogical development during performance reviews, organising joint pedagogical courses for the division, encouraging her employees to document teaching expertise and acquiring further qualifications as distinguished university teachers, and promoting a work culture that stimulates the exchange of experiences in pedagogical issues.

Anna is a positive role model for her employees and heads of units. She contributes to increased collaboration between subjects at the division, between the Schools, with the support functions at MDU and also to collaboration with external parties. Anna has an open discussion with students on her courses and the programme council. She has completed several higher education teaching and learning courses and participates regularly with submissions to different conferences in the higher education teaching and learning sector.

Anna Johansson has been nominated for the Teaching Prize for her committed and systematic efforts in educational management and for sharing educational models and results. Her achievements are key for qualitative courses and study programmes and improved education for our students.

Bjarne Hindersson has during several courses in Information Design given students real-life projects where they have to collaborate already in the first semester and try out future professions early in their educational programme. Bjarne has been thorough in that students must develop themselves by supporting and encouraging them to believe in themselves. Thanks to Bjarne and his interesting courses, many students have come in contact with the labour market during their studies, resulting in placements and employment.

Bjarne has shown commitment and capacity to actively work so that elements of collaboration with the students’ future employers form part of the education in a meaningful way. Close partnerships with industry and real-life projects within the framework of the courses provide students with a clearer image of the future labour market and the opportunities therein.

Bjarne Hindersson has been nominated for the Teaching Prize for his commitment to students and their contact with the labour market. His achievements are essential for promoting motivation among the students and providing them with long-term goals, which really encourages students to complete their education.

Helena Wreeby is a very valued and committed teacher in the Physiotherapist programme. Students like her ability to design inspirational lectures. She explains in such a way that they understand and when necessary she adjusts and develops the content so everyone is included and can learn. Helena uses different methods during her lectures and classes which fosters an open atmosphere. Students get to use their creativity and critical thinking to solve issues that Helena presents. This allows for involvement and a sense of curiosity where the students themselves are active in their learning.

Helena encourages her students to collaborate with one another and other teachers. She ensures that everyone has access to important information. In addition, she is active and very open to answering questions. If there are problems she is considerate and supportive. Helena has submitted papers to conferences where she and several others have reported on student-centred learning in anatomy in the Nordic countries and has thus contributed to disseminating pedagogical models and results.

Helena Wreeby has been nominated for the Teaching Prize for her valued teaching efforts and her ability to involve and activate students. She is a role model when it comes to her teaching ability and how she shows compassion to others.


Both students and employees at MDU can nominate one or more candidates for the Teaching Prize, individual employees, teaching teams, a department or a division.

The nomination process acknowledges a large number of teachers for their excellent and committed efforts that are appreciated by both students and colleagues.

32 nominations were submitted involving 25 individual teachers or groups of teachers and other staff members. In total, 69 named individuals have submitted one or more nominations.

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