Datum 2022-10-25
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MDU students build a car that runs on solar power

Student driving the solar powered car on the racecourse in Anderstorp, Sweden.

In August, the MDU Solar Team competed in an event for electric cars on Scandinavian Raceway in Anderstorp, Sweden.

A team of 17 students takes on the challenge to build a car that runs 100 per cent on solar power. The MDU Solar Team consists of students from several different programmes.

In August, the MDU Solar Team participated in an event called El för Alla (Electricity for everyone) for electric cars on the historic Scandinavian Raceway in Anderstorp, Sweden.

“It was really fun to use the car and not have it standing still,” says Hanna Brouillette, one of the students on the team.

During the event students could drive the car on the racecourse, answer questions from curious visitors and meet teams from other higher education institutions who also run projects with solar powered cars.

“There is no competitive feeling between the teams, instead together we are Team Sweden. We help each other, borrow stuff from one another and share tips and tricks,” says Hanna.

The MDU Solar Team was invited to participate by Halmstad University Solar Team that jointly arranges El För Alla with Elbil Sverige, Chalmers Solar Team and Scandinavian Raceway.

Students do it all by themselves

The students on the MDU Solar Team are responsible for building a complete and safe to drive car with an advanced engine, solar cells, battery solution and bodywork. One requirement is that the car must run on 100 per cent solar power.

In addition to building the car by themselves, the students are also responsible for keeping contact with the suppliers and collaborative partners, arranging sponsors and conducting the marketing and PR plus organising the logistics with transporting the car to the actual location.

“The mission is to build a car and compete with it and it’s up to us as a team to organise everything,” says Hanna.

European Solar Challenge 2024

The team now has its sights on taking part in the European Solar Challenge competition that will take place in Belgium in 2024.

The requirements for allowing the car to compete are updated continuously. The team must now decide whether to build a completely new car or to reconstruct the existing car.

"New solar panels need to be fixed and also what's known as a roller cage which increases the safety for the driver should the car tip over,” says Hanna.

Students from several different programmes

The MDU Solar Team comprises 17 students from various MDU programmes, such as the Bachelor of Science in Network Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering in Robotics and the Master of Science in Engineering, Dependable Aerospace Systems.

There is no requirement to study a certain programme to join the team. The most important thing is that you are committed and want to contribute.

“We are looking for anyone who is driven and has a technical interest as well as people who are interested in marketing and want to have contact with companies,” says Hanna.

Are you interested in joining the team or do you want to know more? Contact the MDU Solar Team on social media:

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