Students or visitors can notify us of damages or faults on our premises.

Please report an error or fault in the first instance by emailing Facilities Services (lokalservice). For urgent matters please contact us by telephone on weekdays between the following hours 08:00-16:00.

For emergency assistance on weekdays between 16:00-08:00 and at weekends you should contact the person on call, the property hotline at each location.



Telephone caretaker: 016-15 37 70
Telephone security guard: 016-15 32 40
Telephone property hotline: 0771-90 80 00



Telephone caretaker: 021-10 15 05
Telephone security guard: 021-10 70 40
Telephone property hotline: 0771-90 80 00

Please note in the event of an emergency at Västerås castle (Västerås slott) regarding the property please call the following telephone number 018-56 48 28.