Code of conduct for social media

Here you can read about the code of conduct for those who write comments or submit posts on MDU's pages on social media.

It is Mälardalen University’s wish to have an inclusive atmosphere for discussion in social media. We welcome debate and opinions. Please bear in mind to respect the opinions of others and follow the code of conduct below.

Comments in posts should adhere to the topic. Those who comment are responsible for ensuring that what they write complies with the laws and regulations. Comments, messages and submitted posts are considered public documents.

Comments and posts containing the following will not be accepted, and may be removed:

  • Threats, defamation, insults, violations, incitement to racial hatred or other types of harassment, such as racism or sexism.
  • Dissemination of private data concerning individual persons.
  • Personal attacks, derogatory comments or comments about another person's appearance.
  • Marketing, political messages, spam or comments that do not relate to the topic.
  • Solicitations of criminal actions.
  • Unlawful use of copyright protected material or solicitations of such usage.
  • Posts that violate existing legislation.
  • Unlawful portrayal of violence and pornography.

Mälardalen University reserves the right to delete and/or report comments that violate the rules. Any person who repeatedly violates the rules may be blocked from commenting on posts on MDU's pages and in social media.

Threats, incitement to racial hatred or other violations of legislation may involve compiling a police report. Posts or comments from students which, for example, involve harassment towards employees or students may entail that there are reasons to prepare a report for the Disciplinary Board.

Have you seen a comment that violates the rules? Please email kommunikation@mdu.se