Reading with a disability

If you have a disability, you can get support so that you can read your course literature. The aim is that you should be able to study on the same terms as other students.

Reading with a disability

Not everyone can read in the same way. If you have a reading disability that makes printed text hard to read you can get help from MDU. You can for example find talking book or books in Braille in the Legimus database.


Who is allowed to use the books in Legimus?

To use Legimus you must have a reading disability.

Book an introduction to Legimus

To access the books in Legimus, you must first make an appointment for an introduction.

Book an introduction to Legimus and accessible reading 


Are you missing a book in Legimus?

Stating your student or Legimus account information you can order the compulsory literature for a course to which you have been admitted. Eight weeks before the start of a course at MDU, the literature for the course is published.

You are required to check that the books you are going to use are available in Legimus. If the compulsory literature cannot be found, you can order them from the University Library. It is not possible to get single chapters as a talking book. Your order is then sent to the Swedish agency for accessible media, MTM, where talking books and e-text for Legimus are produced.

It takes a long time to produce talking books or Braille, 6 -12 weeks. Therefore, you should check the course list on the day it is released.

The course literature can be found in the syllabus

Place an order for a new talking book

Tools for more support

Course literature often includes texts other than books. Students and employees at MDU can download a speech synthesis software, Tor Talk. Speech synthesis is a digital voice that reads out text that is shown on your computer screen. Use Tor Talk on articles or websites.

MDU also gives tech support when you write. Stava Rex and SpellRight is available for download.

Download Tor Talk, Stava Rex and SpellRight External link.

To help you with situations during lectures and on exams the university provides coordinators for educational support.

Read more about what support and adaptations you can get during your studies at MDU

More information

If you have questions about Legimus and TorTalk, please contact biblioteket@mdu.se

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