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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions that come in to the library.

How do I get a library account?

Register as a patron. If you are a private person or student at another university or university college you must also come to us at the information point and show your ID.

Register library account External link.

Can I borrow books from you even if I’m not a student?

Yes, that’s fine, but you must be over 18 years old. Register a library account. Then show your ID at one of our information points. We have no physical library cards, use your personal identity number together with your PIN code to borrow.

For how long can I borrow a book?

The lending period is normally 3 weeks. The lending period for books reserved by another patron is 2 weeks.

The check out screen turns red when I try to borrow a book, what am I doing wrong?

If you used your MDU card, try instead to enter your personal security number and PIN code.

Have you registered for a library account? If you haven't signed up for a library account, you can do so at mdu.se/bibliotek. You can use your account immediately after you've signed up for it.

Register library account External link.

I've been locked out of the library and my belongings are still inside, what do I do?

Call the security guard and they'll help you: Eskilstuna: 016-15 32 40, Västerås: 021-10 70 40

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my PIN code?

Log in to My pages, in Primo, and change the code External link.

How do I go about renewing a loan?

The loans on books you have at home are automatically renewed for 6 months (12 months if you are employed at MDU) as long as no-one else is waiting for them. If someone else has reserved the book you have borrowed you will get an email stating that the loan could not be renewed.

Can I return books when the University Library is closed?

Outside the University Library in Västerås there is a self return machine to the right of the University Library's entrance. You can also put books in the mailbox to the right outside the main entrance to the University. Please observe that if you put your books in the mailbox, they will not be returned until the next coming day.

In Eskilstuna in the first floor, to the right of the Student Centre there is a self return machine. You can also return books in a black box to the right of the entrance at Drottninggatan. Please observe that if you put your books in the black box, they will not be returned until the next coming day.

What happens if I’m late returning a book?

If you’re late returning a book there is an overdue fine of 5 SEK per book per day. The overdue fine for day loans is 50 SEK per book per day.

How do I get to know that a requested book has arrived and is awaiting collection?

You will get an email message when you can collect the book. You can also check whether a book has arrived under My loans External link. in Primo.

How many days do I have to pick up a requested book?

A requested book waits on the reservation shelf for 4 days.

Can you borrow a book from another library?

If you are a student or employee at MDU and wish to borrow a book that the University Library doesn’t have, you can get help to do an interlibrary loan. Copies of articles can also be ordered. We do not order material that we already have in the University Library, even if it’s an e-book or if it is out on loan.

Request an interlibrary loan

How do I read e-books?

If you are a student or employee at MDU you have access to our range of e-books. You search for them as usual in Primo. You can choose to read them online or download them. Other people can get a guest login from the Student Centre to be able to read the e-books in the University Library itself.

Go to Primo External link.

E-book guide External link.

Can I borrow journals?

No, our journals can only be read in the University Library.

Can I access the University Library’s resources from home?

Yes, log in with your MDU-ID and password that you have here at MDU.

How do I register an essay?

This is how you register your essay in DiVA External link..

I need help with my search, can the University Library help me?

Start off by looking in our Search guide External link., where you will find several tips on how to optimise your search. There are also tips in our Subject guides External link.

If you still think it’s difficult you can attend drop-in guidance sessions:

Read more about drop-in

Does the University Library have an app?

Yes, there is an app! Use it to:

  • Search for literature and request books
  • Keep track of your loans on the go
  • Receive notifications about loans and requests
  • Access library web resources, anywhere, anytime

Download the app ”Ex Libris Library Mobile” and choose ”Mälardalens universitet”.

How do I find things in the University Library?

Most books are arranged by subject. Each subject is identified by a number. After this the books are arranged in alphabetical order by author or title. The book “"Forskningsmetodikens grunder: att planera, genomföra och rapportera en undersökning" by Runa Patel is for example shelved on: 001.42 Patel. There are also books that are arranged in other ways, for example course reference books, fiction and donations. It can look like this in the catalogue: "Kursböcker KURS REF Bergman" or "Skönlitteratur Sv/Skön/ Barn/ungdom Lindgren".

Don’t hesitate to ask the staff if you can’t find things in the Library.

What does MAG mean?

It means that the book is in our store room. Contact the staff to get help.

How do I go about using the University Library’s computers?

You log in to the University Library computers with your MDU account. The general public are able to get a guest login at the Student Centre.

How do I go about using my own computer in the University Library?

The University has a wireless network called Eduroam. If you’re a student at another university or university college you can log in to Eduroam here as well with the same user details that you normally use.

Are there group rooms in the University Library?

  • In Eskilstuna there are two group rooms for seven people each on floor 1. There is also one with space for four people on floor 2.
  • In Västerås there are no group rooms in the University Library itself, but there are plenty of group rooms elsewhere at the University.

How do I book a group room?

You can book a group room through Kronox External link.. The Library’s group rooms are under the letter B.

How can I print or refill my print account?

All students must use Eduprint. Log in to the Print portal External link. to refill your account.


If you have more questions you are welcome to contact the University Library at biblioteket@mdu.se

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