Chauvenet prize 2023 goes to Kimmo Eriksson (MDU) and Jonas Eliasson

The 2023 winners of the (Mathematical Association of America) Chauvenet prize for "an outstanding expository article on a mathematical topic" are Kimmo Eriksson (MDU) and Jonas Eliasson (LiU) for the paper "The Chicken Braess Paradox."

The Chicken Braess Paradox, Mathematics Magazine, 92 (2019), No. 3, 213-221.

The list of previous winners includes luminaries like Donald Saari, Barry Mazur, Steven Krantz, Gilbert Strang, Peter Lax, Paul Halmos, Saunders MacLane and G.H. Hardy.

“I hope the Chauvenet prize will lead many more readers to discover our paper and share our fascination with the Braess paradox,” Eriksson says and continues:

“I never in my life thought I would see my name and Hardy on the same page!”


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