Datum 2022-10-25
Artikeltyp News

Zoom will be upgraded to MDU

On Thursday 3 November at 16:30 Zoom will be transferred to an MDU address. There is a risk of IT outages occurring at the time of implementation.

After the transfer has been completed, Zoom's web portal address will be https://mdu-se.zoom.us External link.. When logging in you must enter mdu-se instead of mdh-se.

Already scheduled meetings

Redirection of traffic from the old address has already been organised. This means that meetings that are scheduled before the transfer will work. However, we recommend that you do a test run of a meeting to ensure that it works as it should.

Recurring meetings

The redirection of traffic will take place for a time-limited period. If you have created a link to scheduled recurring meetings in Zoom, on a website for instance, you must create new meetings with the correct address after the transfer.

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