Datum 2022-06-16
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Become a mentor – give mentees an insight into working life

During the Mentoring programme, a person from working life will give concrete tips and advice to students, or mentees as they are called in a Mentoring programme, who are taking their first steps into the labour market.

Mauricio Espinosa.

Mauricio Espinosa is a Unit Manager at ELE Engineering AB and mentor to mentees at MDU. He believes mentoring gives him a great advantage, as he gets the opportunity to develop his communicative leadership and be a sounding board for the mentees. This lesson is something he enjoys in his role as Unit manager.

“I chose to become a mentor because I also wanted to get other perspectives and try something different. The opportunity to be updated on what expectations there are on us as an employer is also essential,” says Mauricio Espinosa.

As a mentor, you build relationships, so it makes it easier if you are open, flexible and have a direct communication,” says Mauricio Espinosa. “You need to be committed, find out the mentee's expectations, be a good ambassador for the Mentoring programme, but also consider what it can bring to the company as a whole," he says.

“You have to take on the mission wholeheartedly and be aware that it will take both time and energy. But I see this as an opportunity to develop both myself, the mentee and the company," says Mauricio Espinosa.

Having mentees in the company implies that one can get new perspectives on issues. SMEs often have short transition journeys, which ELE believes is an advantage, as they can quickly change their direction.

“It’s important to get other people's views on the organisation, dare to learn from others and to think in new ways," says Mauricio Espinosa.

The mentee and mentor meet regularly for about 10 hours at times that suit both of them. The mentor's location can be both in Sweden and internationally and the meetings can be conducted in Swedish and English. Depending on where the mentor is located, the Mentoring programme can be conducted digitally.

“There are also good opportunities to build relationships and sometimes even identify potential employees. Therefore, it is important to keep in touch with the mentees,” Mauricio Espinosa concludes.

Mauricio tells us that they usually first get to know one another and then they decide on what should be achieved in the limited time. He emphasises the importance of having a mutual understanding of what mentoring is about. For example, it may be about coaching and guidance, participation in the company, degree projects or perhaps tips and tricks.