Datum 2021-11-04
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She gives children of war a voice through her paintings

Diala Brisly, artist and activist

Children are the group most affected by war and conflicts. Their future is affected when destructive forces destroy the work that has been done to create a sustainable future. How can you enable children who live in the middle of war and conflicts to be heard? Diala Brisly, artist and activist, did it by starting to paint.

In 2012, Diala Brisly published her first illustration. It depicted a child who had lost a leg and an arm in an explosion.

– I was suffocating and it was a way for me to breathe, to express what was happening, she explains in an interview.

Illustration by Diala Brisly. The image depicts a child who had lost a leg and an arm in an explosion.

Diala Brislys first illustration.

Since then, she has helped many children to manage their war experiences. Most notably she has visited refugee camps where she and the children together have created murals to express their feelings. By doing this, she has opened a platform for communication between children and adults, which is not only about war, but also about hope.

Diala herself fled Syria in 2013. Today she lives in France, where she is still active as both an artist and activist.

Diala will participate in our upcoming digital sustainability days event, to show us her paintings and tell us more about her efforts about giving children a voice.

Want to know more about Diala Brisly's work?

During our upcoming digital event, the Sustainability Days, Diala will show some of her paintings and talk about her work on giving children a voice.

Participate in the Sustainability Days on 9-10th November