"The programme gave me valuable skills for my future life"

Sara Odzic, alumn från IBM och IM

– From MDU, I will not only take the knowledge and skills acquired during my studies but also the friendships, memories and personal growth that I have experienced. I can say that university experience is a one time experience and is not solely about academics but also about the connections that I have made and the experience that have shaped me as an individual. So says Sara Odzic, a former student of International Business Management (IBM) and the Master's Programme in International Marketing (IM).

Why did you choose to study at MDU?

I chose MDU because it is one of the few universities in Sweden offering the program I was interested in, and that it was taught in English. My decision was also influenced by a former student who highly recommended the International Business Management program. Prior to applying, MDU stood out as the ideal choice because it values diversity and creates a multicultural environment that warmly embraces international students, says sara Odzic and continues:

– Alongside those factors, location also played a crucial role in my decision to choose MDU. Additionally, the university has campuses in both Eskilstuna and Västerås. Living in Eskilstuna and having my program in Västerås, MDU’s free bus service between campuses made it a convenient commute choice. This transportation option made MDU an even more appealing choice for me, as it eliminated any worries about getting to my classes on time and made the overall experience much smoother.

– I therefore started my journey at MDU by studying the IBM programme. After graduating, I felt that this was not enough. I had then heard about a very interesting Master's programme at MDU, so I decided to continue my studies by studying the Master's programme in International Marketing (IM).

What is the best thing about the programme?

– There are many things in this program that I would highlight being the best. One of the most important things for me was that I had the chance to meet various students, my colleagues, that are from different parts of the world. I had the chance without having to travel anywhere to understand and to get to know different cultures.

– Besides that, the whole program has taught me valuable skills that will be an important part for my future life. Throughout interesting projects and assignments I would say that I developed cross-cultural skills and learnt different aspects of employing marketing strategies.

What has your study period given you?

– Studying at MDU has provided me with a range of experiences and opportunities for my personal and professional growth. Throughout these 4 years of studying I can say that I developed analytical and critical thinking skills and I improved my ability to work in different teams. Each project had to be presented in front of professors and colleagues which helped me improve my communication skills. As MDU arranged numerous events throughout the years I have benefited from networking opportunities.


International Business Management

  • Credits 180 credits
  • Scope 3 years (full time)
  • Level First cycle
  • Location Västerås

Master's programme in International Marketing

  • Credits 60 credits
  • Scope 1 year (full time)
  • Level Second cycle
  • Location Västerås