Campus Västerås

The campus in Västerås is just a 15-minute walk from the central station, right in the middle of the city's active life and leisure time. In one direction is the old town and city center with a large selection of malls, cafes, restaurants and other entertainment. In the other direction is the Rocklunda sports center, with several arenas and sports fields.

About campus Västerås

The entire campus was specially built for MDU, and is characterised by high ceilings, spacious, light glass surfaces, and lots of meeting places where students can socialise. Student housing is also situated In close proximity to the campus.

For students

  • Monday-Friday 05.30–22 hours
  • Weekends and public holidays 6.30–22 pm
  • The computer rooms are open from 7 am to 10 pm every day.

As a student, you can access our campuses using your MDU card and PIN code.

For the general public

  • Monday–Thursday 8-19
  • Friday 08–16

In Västerås campus there is a variety of rooms and areas for students to use. For exampel group rooms for group work, open study areas and computer rooms with a certain type of software.

There are student centres with microwave ovens. There is running water, possibly soap, dishwashing detergent and a dish brush, paper towels and waste sorting facilities. You must bring your own cutlery and accessories such as glasses or plates.

Welcome to the Student Centre! Here’s where you can come with all your questions. If we can’t give you an answer straight away we’ll find out or tell you where you can go.

At Restaurant Rosenhill you can choose from three different, well-prepared lunch dishes every day, at least one of which is plant-based.

At the University Library you will find books, e-books, articles and journals. You can also use our group rooms.

The Student Health Care's task is to support you students during your time here at Mälardalen University. We are three counsellors and a health advisor who are available for you. We work preventively and with health-promotion, partly by individual talks and partly by different courses and lectures. Everything we offer is free of charge, we have a duty of confidentiality and we do not keep records.

Welcome to the Mälaren city of Västerås

Studenter i Västerås

OK so let’s face it. Västerås isn’t the biggest city you have been in. With it’s about 153 000 inhabitants of Sweden’s in total 10 million people it’s still the sixth biggest city in this country.

Being a smaller city has its advantages. Everything is rather close and bikes are the most common means of transportation. The campus in Västerås is close to the city center and just a 15 minute walk from the central station. There are clubs, restaurants and cafés and enough activities to suit all needs. Some examples are concerts, theater, cinemas as well as sports of all sorts.

And you’ve probably heard about the streets in Sweden covered in ice and snow during the winter? Well, you won’t get to see much of that in Västerås. The streets in the city center are heated through a collaboration between the city of Västerås and the energy company Mälarenergi.

In Västerås there are several multinational companies such as ABB, Amazon, Bombardier and Westinghouse. Apart from being collaboration partners to the university these companies are major employers constantly looking for talent.