The Academic Ceremony

There are many traditions and formal occasions at the University, and a significant occasion is the Academic Ceremony where academic excellence is celebrated. The Academic Ceremony is organised once every two years to honour the University's new Professors and Doctors. The Ceremony dates back to the Middle Ages and is common to all university colleges and universities in Sweden that conduct research. In connection with the Ceremony, prizes and awards will also be presented.

At the 2024 Ceremony, doctor’s degrees will be conferred and professors will be inaugurated who were appointed during the period 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2023.

The following categories of persons are invited to the Academic Ceremony:

  • Honorary guests:
    • At the 2024 Ceremony, doctor’s degrees will be conferred and new professors will be inaugurated who were appointed during the period 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2023.
    • Honorary doctors (2023)
    • Winners of the Collaboration Medal and Teaching Prize (for the current year)
  • The Swedish Government and Parliament, the Speaker, Minister for Education, Secretary of State, Unit for the Higher Education sector and members of the respective constituencies
  • The County Governor and County Administrative Director for Västmanland and Sörmland
  • The Chair of the Regional County Board and the Directors of the Sörmland and Västmanland regions
  • The Chair of the Municipal Executive Board and Heads of local government for the Sörmland and Västmanland municipalities
  • Research funding bodies and sectoral authorities (Director Generals and Managing Directors)
  • Our collaborative partners (Managing Directors)
  • The Swedish National Union of Students (Chair)
  • Previous honorary doctors (5 year’s back in time)
  • Vice-Chancellors from other higher education institutions
  • The University Board and the latest Chair of the Board
  • MDU employees – Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University Director, Deputy University Directors, Deans of the Schools, Directors of Divisions, Artistic Director, Heads of Research, Strategic Director of Studies, Collaboration Coordinators, Dean and Pro deans
  • MDU’s previous Vice-Chancellors
  • Professors – solely visiting Professors, Professors Emeritus and Affiliated Professors
  • Principal supervisors
  • Collaborative platforms – those responsible/Process managers and Chair of the Board

2024 Academic Ceremony

Friday 5 April 2024

Västerås Concert Hall
Kopparbergsvägen 1 | 722 13 Västerås

Doctoral degree conferment ceremony and professorial inauguration

The doctoral degree conferment ceremony is the solemn occasion at the University where doctoral students who have fulfilled the requirements for a degree of doctor will be conferred a doctor’s degree. In addition, honorary doctoral degrees are conferred on persons for meritorious achievements within their field. Those who will be conferred with a doctoral degree walk over the symbolic Parnassus, are welcomed by the person conferring the degree and will receive their laurel wreath, doctoral hat and diploma.

Summary of the 2024 Academic Ceremony Week
Film from the Academic Ceremony 2024
Meet our new Professors!

Professorial inauguration takes place when the Vice-Chancellor has awarded a diploma to the new professor. Professors to be inaugurated will be given the opportunity to participate in a round-table discussion.

Honorary Doctors

The title of honorary doctor is conferred on a person who has an important role for us and who has a clear link to our research and education or who has in other ways made outstanding contributions in one of our organisational areas.

Honorary doctors at MDU

Prizes and Awards

During the Academic Ceremony the recipients of the Teaching Prize, MDU’s Collaboration Medal and the holder of the professorship in memory of Alva Myrdal will be honoured.

The Teaching Prize was established to promote educational development at MDU. The prize is awarded to the person who has made outstanding contributions to education at first cycle and second-cycle level (Bachelor’s and Master’s). The prize is worth SEK 50,000 and the prize may be divided between a maximum of three prize-winners. The prize is passed on to the department, division, or organisational unit to which the prize-winner(s) belong and must be used for the person’s or the group’s educational development. The prize is awarded during the Academic Ceremony and the prize-winner must also hold a short lecture about their educational contributions.

All students and staff at the University have the opportunity to nominate a person or group they consider should be awarded the prize. The nominee must be a permanent employee at MDU. A nomination committee will then submit proposals for winners to the Vice-Chancellor, who will appoint the winner.

The Collaboration Medal will be awarded to a person who has made outstanding contributions in support of the University’s collaboration and co-production profile. The medal will be awarded during the Academic Ceremony.

All permanent employees may nominate a person for the prize. The nomination must be accompanied by a statement of reasons. A medal committee will submit proposals to the Vice-Chancellor for recipients of the medal. The Vice-Chancellor decides who should receive the medal.

MDU has established a visiting professorship in memory of Alva Myrdal. The professorship is in honour of Alva Myrdal’s work as a researcher, politician and social commentator.

The visiting professorship is financed by Samhällskontraktet, the strategic agreement on extended collaboration between MDU, Eskilstuna Municipality and Västerås City.


Practical information for honorary guests

As a new professor, doctor, honorary doctor, recipient of the Teaching Prize or MDU's Collaboration Medal, you are an honorary guest at the Ceremony.

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Practical information for invited guests

As an invited guest, you have an important role to play in creating a festive Ceremony for our honorary guests.

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Insignia are symbolic items that are bestowed at the doctoral degree conferment ceremony. See information on the last day of ordering!

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