Insignia are symbolic items that are bestowed at the doctoral degree conferment ceremony. At MDU's doctoral degree ceremony, you can choose between a doctoral hat and a laurel wreath. Doctors may also order a doctoral ring.

Doctoral hat

The doctoral hat symbolises freedom and power. It is always made of black, pleated fabric and has a gold-coloured buckle from the University. Below you will find information on how to buy your own doctoral hat or how to book a loan hat. Honorary doctors will receive their hats from the University.

We are shaping a sustainable future – a handy tip is therefore to borrow a doctoral hat from a colleague.

Buying a doctoral hat

You can buy your doctoral hat from Franzéns Hattmakeri, no later than 19 January 2024.

A doctoral hat is always unique and is not kept in stock, it is only made to order. The price of the doctoral hat is SEK 7 890. MDU will offer you the hat buckle free of charge.

The entire manufacturing process is a traditional handicraft from start to finish!

Buy a doctoral hat from Franzéns Hattmakeri External link.

Contact details

Franzéns Hattmakeri
Västra Skansgatan 1B
413 02 Gothenburg

Contact person: Lisa Franzén
Telephone: 073-701 43 09
Email: info@hattmakarna.se
Website: Hattmakarna External link.
Opening times: Appointments are required for visits to the hat shop.


Borrowing a doctoral hat from MDU

MDU has fifteen doctoral hats in five different sizes which can be borrowed. The lending will be done in the order in which the requests are received. To try out the hats for size and booking, please contact the Student Centre in Västerås.


The right size of your doctoral hat

How to measure to get the right size of your doctoral hat External link.

If you have questions regarding the size of your doctoral hat or need assistance with measuring, please contact Franzéns Hattmakeri.

Laurel wreath

The laurel wreath was in ancient times a symbol of victory, but in the university world, it is a reward for academic labours. All wreaths must be ordered from Interflora Amaryllis in Västerås, so that they have a uniform appearance. Make your order no later than 22 March 2024. The price of the wreath is SEK 850.

Contact details

Interflora Amaryllis
Hantverkargatan 9
722 12 Västerås

Telephone: 021-41 85 60
Email: interflora@amaryllis021.se
Website: Amaryllis External link.
Opening times: Monday–Friday 09:30–18:00 | Saturday 09:30–16:00 | Sunday 12:00–16:00

Doctoral ring

It is optional for doctoral graduands/new doctors to buy a ring and it has no significance at the Academic Ceremony. Honorary doctors, on the other hand, will receive the ring as a gift from the University during the conferment ceremony.

The doctoral ring is traditionally worn on the left ring finger above the wedding or engagement ring and symbolises the doctor’s loyalty to scholarship.

Buy your doctoral ring, no later than 19 February 2024.

Ring in red gold SEK 11 000.
Ring in white gold SEK 12 000.

Contact details

Västra Ringvägen 21A
724 61 Västerås

Contact person: Calle
Telephone: 070-314 56 87
Email: calle@juvelen.se
Website: Juvelen External link.
Opening times: Tuesday–Wednesday in accordance with a booking arrangement | Thursday–Friday 11:00–18:00 | Saturday 11:00–14:00