If you are an honorary guest

As a new professor, doctor, honorary doctor, recipient of the Teaching Prize or MDU's Collaboration Medal, you are an honorary guest at the Ceremony. Below please find useful information you may need ahead of the Ceremony.


To attend the Academic Ceremony you need to inform us if you will be participating and therefore please let us know if you can participate or not no later than 29 February 2024.
You have a link in your personal invitation.

Dress code

For all honorary guests and invited guests who taking part in the Ceremony and the banquet after the Ceremony formal attire is required. Formal attire applies which means a tailcoat with a white waistcoat and white bow tie, or a full-length evening dress.

Other guests at the Ceremony, with seats on the balcony, can wear optional smart attire.

Only those who are being conferred will wear a doctoral hat during the Ceremony. The doctoral hat is not worn during the banquet.

What does formal attire mean?

Formal attire means a tailcoat (so-called white tie) with a white waistcoat and bow tie or an evening dress or ball gown. Formal dress may also include folk costumes, kilts, military uniforms and official clergy attire that priests wear.

Tips on stores that stock formal attire

Ruths in Västerås External link.

Ursulas Fest & Bröllopskläder in Västerås External link.

Mäster Skoog in Eskilstuna External link.


Insignia are symbolic items that are bestowed at the doctoral degree conferment ceremony. At MDU's doctoral degree ceremony, you can choose between a doctoral hat and a laurel wreath. Doctors may also order a doctoral ring. Please note the deadlines.

How many guests can I invite?

As an honorary guest, you may invite one guests to the Ceremony, with seat on the parquet, and to the banquet thereafter.

Other guests is welcome to attend the Ceremony from the Concert Hall balcony, with its own entrance from Kopparbergsvägen.

When do I need to be there?

Friday 5 April

  • 11:00 Mandatory rehearsal for all honorary guests (not formal dressed)
  • 12:00 Lunch for honorary guests at Västerås Concert Hall
  • 12:30 Change to formal attire, there are facilities available for changing to formal attire at the Concert hall
  • 14:00 Photographs will be taken of honorary guests in groups and individually
  • 16:30 The ceremony starts
  • 17:45 Honorary guests and invited guests walk to the Västerås Kongress venue for mingle (3-minute walk)
  • 18:30 Banquet at Västerås Kongress for honorary guests and invited guests

Photographs and film

The Academic Ceremony will be documented through taking photographs and by filming the event. If you are an honorary guest or have another prominent role, you will probably be included in the photo or film. The images may be published in public contexts and will be stored in MDU's image bank for three years, after which they will be deleted.

We at MDU wish to draw your attention to this and please contact us at event@mdu.se if you do not want to be included in the photos or on film.