Combine studies with elite sports

As an elite athlete, you will have the opportunity to receive extra support and adjustments to be able to study and play sports simultaneously during your studies at MDU. This means that you can focus on two careers and get an education to lean on after your sports career.

We are cooperating with the Swedish Sports Confederation to make it easier for athletes at the elite level to study at university and are what is known as an elite-sports-friendly university. That means, for example, that it can be possible to get an adapted study route and a reduced rate of study.

Who is considered an elite athlete?

To be able to apply the sport must be part of one of the Swedish Sports Confederation's special sports federations (SF) or equivalent associations in another country. In addition you must, as a student, present a certificate in which the relevant special sports federation (SF) certifies that you meet at least one of the following criteria that have been developed by the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF):

  • Selected for the Swedish junior or senior national team
  • Competes at a high international level in individual sports
  • Plays team ball sports in the highest division at national or international senior level
  • Is identified by or participates in the national team's development activities
  • Is expected to be able to take a position in the senior national team or compete at a high international level in the long term

This is what you need to do

Contact Dual Career Coordinator

Please contact the Dual Career Coordinator when you have been admitted to a programme or course. If possible, contact coordinator already when you apply at antagning.se.

If you are already a student, you can apply for adjusted studies from 1 August 2024 at the earliest.

Contact information for the Dual Career Coordinator can be found at the bottom of the page.

Bring your student certificate to the meeting

Bring your student certificate with you stating that you meet the criteria for elite athletes so we can sign an agreement on-site. Otherwise, we will have to arrange it on a separate occasion once you have received the certificate.

Student certificate RIU/EVL, Swedish Sports Confederation (Student certificate is in Swedish) External link.

We go through the expectations at the meeting

At the meeting with the Dual Career Coordinator, they will explain the conditions and what types of adjustments are possible.

After signing the agreement you will get in contact with study counsellor

After you have signed an agreement and you have had the meeting with the Coordinator, the coordinator will help you contact the study counsellor for your specific programme and the one responsible for the course or programme. Together, you will go through all the details in your individual study plan.


For leaders, coaches and managers in sport

Do you want to know how to better support your athletes and their university studies ? Or do you need guidance on your own behalf? Contact us to find out more about the opportunities offered by Dual Careers, so that we can enable more elite athletes to study at university.

Together, we can help athletes on their future career path.