Application for an exchange period

In these pages you'll find out how to go about when applying for an exchange period.
Please note that you can only apply as an exchange student after being nominated by your home university. Please contact your coordinator at your home university before you apply.

The application process can be divided into five parts:


The coordinator at your home university sends an official nomination to MDU. Nominations are sent to the School that hosts the exchange agreement between your home university and MDU.


The international coordinator at MDU will officially accept/decline the nomination.

Online application

During the application period a link to the online application will be visible here on this page. There are one application link for all mobility programs for exchange students applying to MDU. Please read the information in the online application carefully and fill in all the information requested.

Once you have started your application, you will be required to select the courses you are interested in studying during your exchange period at MDU. The established cooperation between your home university and MDU indicates the subject areas that you can study at MDU. Application to courses within subject areas not included in the exchange agreement between your home university and MDU is possible however admission to those courses depends on the fulfillment of the eligibility requirements and the availability of study places in the desired course. It is important that you choose courses that don’t collide with each other schedule-wise and that you apply for full-time studies, which is 30 ECTS during one semester.

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Application for autumn semester 2024 closed


Courses for exchange students

Autumn semester 2024

Course collision avoidance

When you choose courses it's important to make sure they don't collide, i.e. are given during the same study period. Each School at MDU have gathered their courses offered in English in a schedule and given each course a "collision code".

Course collision avoidance

All applicants need to submit the following documents in English:

  1. Academic transcript of records

This document should present all your studies at university level, even if you have studied at other universities that your current home university.

  1. Certificate of current studies

This document should list all the courses you are currently studying at your home university. This document is especially important if your transcript does not include the courses you are currently taking the courses listed in this document may be decisive when assessing your eligibility to a course you have applied to.

Certificate to current studies Pdf, 73.2 kB.

  1. Passport or National ID card copy

If you do not have a valid one at the time of application, do not worry, you can submit the one you have, even if it has expired. Just make sure that you have an updated and valid one before you travel to Sweden.

  1. CV

There is no specific format for the CV, just make sure to include relevant information about you and your studies and in case that you have applied to a course that requires job experiences, make sure the relevant positions are listed.

Applicants from our Erasmus+ partners are not required to upload/submit a learning agreement to submit the application. It is, however, required that you indicate in the application the courses you wish to study with us during your exchange semester. Make sure that the courses you select are approved by your home university.

If you wish to prepare your Online Learning Agreement (OLA) in the Erasmus Dashboard before submitting your application, please note that this is not mandatory, and it will only be approved (electronically) once we have concluded the assessment process.

We recommend you wait until you have gotten an approval by our coordinators prior to beginning your OLA!

Applicants from our partners outside of Europe (Bilateral agreeements, International Credity Mobility, Linnaeus-Palme, etc.) are requested to submit a learning agreement that includes all courses listed in the application. Please use the learning agreement that your university requires you to use! If your university does not have one please use the following form:


Your application will be assessed by the international coordinator in charge of your application. Keep an eye out for any emails sent to you by the coordinator.

Letter of admission

Once the assessment is made and potential changes are agreed upon, a letter of admission will be issued. A finalised online application cannot be changed, so please read the instruction carefully when you make your online application.

Important dates for exchange students

Important dates for exchange students

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If you have technical problems filling out the online application form please contact