Admission test for the chamber music program, chamber opera and main instrument, advanced course

Admission tests for international students will take place via a submitted link for recording with both audio and video. After the date for the entrance exam has passed, you may also be called to an individual digital interview.

Any supplementation of sound material may be requested.

Please make a video recording of your repertoire, post it on a private Youtube channel and email a link to staffan.sandstrom@mdu.se no later than the 1st of February 2024.

Please make sure that the video is not set to Private in the settings.

Information about repertoire can be found below.

Instruction recorded audition

Chamber music program and main instruments, advanced course

  • for instrumentalists, three works or parts of works from different eras within the classical repertoire apply.
  • for singers, 5 songs / arias apply, all from different eras within the classical repertoire in at least 3 different languages. These can be, for example, romances, opera arias and sacred repertoire.

Chamber Opera

  • Applicants must perform 5 songs in at least three different languages, three of the songs must be opera arias.


In entrance examinations, each work is assessed on the basis of competence in the following three areas:

  • Technique
  • Artistic expression
  • Auditive skills

Sufficient prior knowledge and skills in these areas together constitute absolutely necessary prerequisites for an artistic education in music. The requirements placed on the individual student mean that students with insufficient prior knowledge within the three competencies can neither assimilate the teaching nor function adequately in an ensemble. The assessment group consists of the head teacher of the instrument in question, the artistic director and the head of department with subject competence. In addition, a student representative is present at the entrance exam. For each work performed, each of the three competencies is assessed as either approved or failed. To pass the entire entrance exam, you must pass all three competencies mentioned above and which are described and exemplified below. In order to be rejected, the applicant uses his technique, artistry and hearing in an inadequate way in relation to the requirements. In the case of failing a competency but passing in the others, the applicant is considered to have failed the entrance examination altogether.

  • Credits 15 credits
  • Education level First cycle
  • Course code KMI085