Climate change and energy: past, present and future

  • Credits 7.5  credits
  • Education level Second cycle
  • Study location Distance with no obligatory meetings
  • Course code MTK347
  • Main area Environmental Engineering

By now, we all know that climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. We hear that global warming is leading to the melting of glaciers and losses of biodiversity. But what is the actual extent of climate change and its consequences? How does our increasing energy demand contribute to climate change? What is decision-makers around the world doing to tackle climate change, and is it sufficient? If you are curious to find answers to these questions and would like to get a deeper understanding of the topic of climate change, this course is for you. You will gain in-depth knowledge on past and present climate and how it has been affected by our energy system. You will get insights into climate modelling and prediction of future climate, and how we can mitigate or adapt to climate change.

Occasions for this course

Autumn semester 2024

  • Autumn semester 2024


    7.5 credits


    2024-09-02 - 2024-11-10 (part time 50%)

    Education level

    Second cycle

    Course type

    Freestanding course

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    Study location

    Independent of location

    Teaching form

    Distance learning
    Number of mandatory occasions including examination: 0
    Number of other physical occasions: 0

    Course syllabus & literature

    See course plan and literature list (MTK347)

    Specific requirements

    120 credits of which 90 credits engineering or natural science. In addition Swedish course B/Swedish course 3 and English course B/English course 6 are required. For courses given entirely in English exemption is made from the requirement in Swedish course B/Swedish course 3.


    University credits

Questions about the course?

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Associate Senior Lecturer

Lara Carvalho