Safety Critical Systems Engineering

  • Credits 7.5  credits
  • Education level Second cycle
  • Study location Västerås
  • Course code DVA437
  • Main area Computer Science

In this course a 'Safety Case' for an industry related application such as e.g., a break-by-wire system, will be built. A Safety Case is a requirement in many safety standards. It is a documented body of evidence that provides a convincing and valid argument that a system is adequately safe for a given application in a given environment. To enable argumentation about adequate safety as well as to document safety cases, topics such as e.g., 'dependability concepts', 'safety critical processes', 'certification', 'hazard analysis', 'FTA/FMEA', 'process-based vs. product-based arguments for safety cases argumentation', 'textual vs. graphical argumentation', 'modular and pattern-based argumentation using GSN (Goal Structuring Notation)', 'taxonomy of common fallacies in argumentation' and standards such as e.g., 'ISO 26262' will be covered.

Occasions for this course

Autumn semester 2024

Questions about the course?

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Senior Lecturer

Barbara Gallina