Having a place to stay is of course key. To make it easier for you as a student, the University collaborates with a housing agency. But there are also other ways to find accommodation.

The housing agency we collaborate with is called Bostad Västerås. They don't own any apartment buildings of their own, but act as a link between the landlords and the tenant, making it easier for both. There are various kinds of housing types available, but the most common is small studio apartments.

In order for you to get a better understanding of how the process of getting accommodation through Bostad Västerås works, here's a short overview:

  • Once admitted to MDU, please register through the website of Bostad Västerås
    You can list several housing options you are interested in.

  • Provided that there are vacancies you will get a housing offer through email
    Accepting this (potential) offer is highly recommended. There will be an opportunity to change your accommodation after the first semester or get a refund if you for some reason can't come to start your studies.
    Please note that declining the offer will result in you being placed last in the queue, and there is no guarantee that you'll get a second offer.

  • Accept and secure your offer through payment
    Please read the refund policy in case you can't attend MDU, for whatever reason.

Register for housing at Bostad Västerås

More ways to find housing

There are more ways to find housing in the area. Always make sure to get a proper contract if you rent on your own.

Airbnb External link, opens in new window.
Short-term or long-term rent mostly available in and around Västerås.

Facebook groups External link, opens in new window.
There are several groups on FB, some open and other private. Search for "Lägenheter i Västerås" or "Lägenheter i Eskilstuna" if you prefer to stay there. Please note that most ads are in Swedish.

Ad sites External link, opens in new window.
The biggest one is called Blocket. You'll find apartment ads both from private individuals and landlords. Please note that most ads are in Swedish.

Landlords External link, opens in new window.
There are some 70 landlords in and around Västerås. Try contacting one or more landlords directly, most of them have online registration forms where you can show your interest. If you can't register through the form, send an email explaining that you are an international student.

Aparthotels External link, opens in new window.
There are a few apartment hotels in the area, offering apartments with or without service included. The link above takes you to an aparthotel with special offers for international students.

What about housing in Eskilstuna?

Most of our programmes and courses taught in English are given at our campus in Västerås. But there are a few that are given in Eskilstuna. Why don't we mention much about accommodation there, you might wonder?
The answer is simple - we don't have the same type of collaboration with the housing agency in Eskilstuna like we do in Västerås, plus there are hardly any furnished student apartments available.

But don't worry, there's a free and very comfortable bus service that'll take you between the campuses in only about 35 minutes.

Planning on bringing your family?

In that case, please note that large student apartments suitable for more than 1-2 people are scarce. We strongly recommend that you start a wide search as soon as absolutely possible. Please note that it's common that the date for an apartment being available when renting directly from landlords is at least 3 months away.
Also, please notify us and we can provide guidance on pre-school/s.