"There is an 80 percent chance that I will find my dream work after graduation"

Jiahui Zhang, from China, studies at the international programme Analytical Finance. After she graduates she wants to work as a Financial Analyst. Her main reason to study Analytical Finance at Mälardalen University is because it makes her competitive in the labour market.

Student Jiahui Zhang

In the modern financial industry, there is a high demand for mathematicians with knowledge of finance and economics.

– Analytical Finance is a quite unique programme and I think there is an 80 percent chance that I will find my dream work after graduation, says Jiahui.

Jiahui is happy with the teachers, who are from both academia and the financial industry.
– We have very brilliant mathematics teachers. They always make the lectures interesting and they show us that mathematics can also be fun. Their dedication and knowledge make me willing to study more, says Jiahui, who is also very happy with the study environment at the University.

– The best part of studying at Mälardalen University is that the study environment is superb. The library and the design of the University make you study better and wherever you walk on the campus, you feel like you are in the study mode immediately.

Classmates from all over the world

Analytical Finance is internationally oriented with students from Sweden as well as from all around the world.
– I enjoy the fact that it gives me the opportunity to meet lovely classmates from different countries in the world. Studying in Sweden also widens my knowledge in that everything is well-planned and well organised here. In addition innovation and technology are elements in our daily lives here, says Jiahui.

Västerås is the fifth largest city in Sweden and offers all sorts of activities. The city is also only one hour away from the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.
– In a town like Västerås there are always things do. My interests and activities outside of university are travelling, cooking, swimming, as well as singing in karaoke. The city offers things for everyone, says Jiahui.

Right now Jiahui focuses on her studies but her future looks bright.
– There are a lot of jobs out there waiting for me. I believe that if people put effort into something, they will always get something in return, she says.


Analytical Finance

  • Högskolepoäng 180 HP
  • Omfattning 3 år (heltid)
  • Nivå Grundnivå
  • Plats Västerås
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