For reserchers - seminar 7/11

LUNCH SEMINAR FOR RESEARCHERS AND PHD STUDENTS. How to innovate and commercialize research results.

Information on the options you have and the support you can get as a researcher regarding utilization of research results, patent applications, concept development etc. There will also be an inspirational guest lecture from a researcher who has taken his research to the market.

Rafael Mosberger (PhD) did his research at Örebro University on vision-based human detection from vehicles operating in industrial environments. As a result of his research, he was able to develop Emitrace, which is a fully embedded vision system for intelligent driver assistance. He is also co-founder and CEO of Retenua AB, a product development and tech consulting company. Rafael will talk about his experience from commercialization of research results and his ambition to shape the industrial landscape through research and technology development.

The meeting will be approximately one hour, but Idélab’s business developer will be around until

13.45 to answer questions and talk to you who wants to stay and continue the discussion.

The seminars will be held in English and we serve a sandwich and coffee.

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