Study techniques and generic skills

Lärum gladly works together with teachers on how to help students develop their study technique, to learn how to learn. It's about developing generic skills such as planning, working independently, cooperating, having good self-knowledge, taking responsibility for their motivation, getting enough sleep and much more.

Study techniques and generic skills

In general, study techniques are about learning how to learn and giving yourself the prerequisites to be able to learn.

Marina Bergman, Pedagogical Developer at Lärum has written the book: Att studera på högskolan. The book is available in English under the title “Academic Studies in Sweden - Effective Study Skills and Habits” as a condensed version of Marina’s original Swedish version. The book is aimed at international students to help them become familiar with the Swedish academic environment. It focuses on what one is expected to learn at university and investigates how students can develop skills that are required in the qualitative targets for most courses and study programmes. It contains a variety of tips and exercises and is a book to refer to for the entire programme. It appeals directly to the student and can be read on its own by students.

But the book is also intended to be a resource for teachers, which can become required reading on an entire programme and where you pick appropriate exercises from and use throughout the length of the programme.

Contact Lärum if you want tips on how you as a teacher can use the book and do exercises together with your students.

From an earlier edition of the book, ten short video clips were created as inspiration. Please inform your students.
10 short videos External link. (in Swedish)

Handy tips for your students - and you!

*Help your students to get started in Canvas

Lärum has created an open page in Canvas for our students so that they can quickly learn how the virtual learning environment works. It describes a variety of features in Canvas and highlights Zoom and other things that can be good to know as a student.
Introduction to Canvas for students External link, opens in new window.

*Software to download for students

Let your students know that they can download Office365 with Word, Excel and Power Point, Spell Rex and SpellRight which are spelling programmes for Swedish and English respectively, and TorTalk which converts text into speech.
Software for downloading External link.

*Study coach

Students can get help with their studies by booking a meeting with Marina Bergman. Every meeting is based on the individual's needs and wishes.
Book through email: marina.bergman@mdh.se

*Brain check, habits and planning

Below is a short video (37 mins) that addresses the student directly about how they can create healthy and important study habits, become good at planning and keep an eye on their brain. Feel free to tell your students about the video or use it as a part of your course.

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