Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Lärum is tasked with helping teachers to develop their Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, but what does this mean?

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning means that you as a teacher have a scientific approach to tuition and instruction which, in addition to your expertise in teaching and supervision, also includes pedagogical reflection and sharing of conclusions. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning can be discussed and described using eight different dimensions.

This video discusses what Scholarship of Teaching and Learning means and comprises. External link. The video is created by CeUL (Centre for university teacher education at Stockholm University). View it as a source of inspiration about the possibilities and development of academic Teachership.

The concept of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Klara Bolander Laksov and Max Scheja, both Professors of higher education pedagogy, introduce the idea of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in a journal published by the trade union SULF - The Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers.

Journal on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning External link. (in Swedish)

Acquisition of educational qualifications

Every teacher at MDU can apply for an assessment of their educational skills and be placed on an educational competency level according to the following two grades: Recognised university teacher and distinguished university teacher.

Here you can read more about acquisition of educational qualifications

PDK cycle

The PDK cycle is a continuing professional development model for educational digital competence, based on the DigCompEdu framework External link.. The model was developed by Lärum together with the Schools.

The model is cyclical and includes mapping, analysis, planning, implementation and follow-up. An important part of the model is joint reflection and collegial development led by a PDK supervisor.

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