Academic literacy

Lärum works together with teachers to support students to develop their reading, to understand and critically review scientific texts and to develop their academic writing.

How is this done?

Contact us when your programme or course needs revision in terms of writing, or when you notice that the students need more support in their academic writing to reach the required level.

We can help you structure the academic writing in the programme, to shape a reasonable progression and help you ensure that the students get the support they need to independently revise their texts and develop their writing. Teachers who find student feedback challenging can also contact us to get someone to discuss this with and get ideas for efficient formative feedback.

We can also work with a larger group of teachers to be able to reach an overall perspective of the academic writing and language progression within the specific academic field, and together find out what we expect from the students at graduation and how we can help them achieve this during their studies. We can also discuss how we can practice the specific kinds of writing that they are expected to master in their future role as professionals.

We perform lectures in academic writing connected to a written assignment in a course. These lectures are always carefully planned according to the needs of the specific group.

Lärums´s collaborations

Lärum is trying to help you achieve the best possible conditions for your students’ development, and we will be happy to work together with you to achieve this. We are currently helping programmes at all four schools at MDH with different kinds of work, such as lectures, workshops or structuring progression and feedback.

Modules in Canvas Commons for academic writing

We have created open modules that everyone can download to their courses in Canvas. The modules contain resources that support the students’ language development and academic writing and their independent revision of their texts. In the modules, the students can also find information concerning the drop-in sessions we have every month. The modules can be found in Canvas Commons and are also linked here:

English External link.

Svenska External link.

Students’ writing - course

Lärum offers a course for teachers who are interested in developing their teaching to better support the students’ writing development, without losing focus on the course contents. Read more.

Språka på akademiska är en MOOC från Lärum

Språka på akademiska
- A mooc from Lärum

Språka på akademiska is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in Swedish that is directed at students who have Swedish as second language who already study at university but feel that they need to sharpen their language skills further to get ahead in their studies. The course is also intended for those who are considering studying at university and want to be prepared.

The course is also for those who want to fine tune their academic language skills for other reasons. Regardless of what your reason is, we look forward to seeing you in the course and you can start it today at open.mdu.se External link.

If you are a teacher you are welcome to use the course in its entirety, or parts of it, in your teaching or refer to it to support your students.

Mälardalen university was awarded Includepriset 2022 for the course Språka på akademiska External link..

Språka på akademiska is a MOOC about getting strategies for developing your academic language


Academic writing for studenter

Here, students get help with developing their writing skills during their time at the university.

Academic writing

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