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You and your students are the focal point for Lärum and our ambition is to stay up to date on the very latest developments in our specific areas of expertise.

We work at an operational level and, in discussion with you, want to promote the further development of courses and programmes and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning means that you as a teacher have a scientific approach to tuition and instruction which, in addition to your expertise in teaching and supervision, also includes pedagogical reflection and sharing of conclusions.

Please contact us with questions or requests for customised workshops for you and your unit or division.

The Pedagogical Council

Lärum plans the work and activities in collaboration with the Pedagogical Council.

Pedagogical council representatives 2022:

  • Lena Gumaelius, Chair
  • Åsa Ryegård, Head of Division Lärum
  • Ulrika Jeppson Wigg, Faculty Board
  • Helene Hammenborg, UKK
  • Toon Larsson, EST
  • Lena Stangvik-Urban, HVV
  • Carina Söderlund, IDT
  • Helena Aspernäs​​​​​​​, BIB
  • Studentrepresentant, Student Union
  • Vilhelm Svahn, Secreterary

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