Centre for Higher Education Teaching and Learning


Mälardalen University runs its higher education teaching and learning development efforts through Lärum. We strive to work at an operational level and help teachers and students to develop their skills and to create meeting places to promote the development of learning environments in collaboration with others.


* Inspirationsdag External link. about Teaching and learning i higher education

* Canvas introduction for teachers at MDU
In Swedish External link. and in English External link.

* What is hybrid?
When we return to campus, we will be faced with opportunities and challenges about how we can combine different types of instruction and therefore we want to contribute with various descriptions External link. about what hybrid and flexibility can mean for teachers and students.
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For teachers we provide:

🛠️ Technical support on online tools External link.
Monday, Wednesday - Friday.

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Our ambition is to stay up to date on the very latest developments in our specific areas of expertise.


Lärum offers around ten higher education teaching and learning courses. Some are mandatory, others elective.


Lärum is happy to participate in a discussion with you about how you can develop and plan your teaching.

Online tools

Lärum educates and supports teachers in the pedagogical use of Canvas, Zoom, MDU Play, etc


Lärum can arrange discussions with teachers about how to create accessible teaching.

Academic literacy

Lärum can work together with teachers to provide the best conditions for students.

Study techniques

Lärum educates and supports teachers in and how students can develop their study techniques and proficiencies.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Lärum helps teachers develop a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Acquisition of educational qualifications

Every teacher at MDU has the opportunity to apply for an assessment of their educational skills.

Research and networking

For in-depth study of higher education teaching and learning, there are networks, research, podcasts, etc.