• Studieort Room R1-343, MDH Västerås Campus and Zoom
  • 2021-10-18 13:00–15:00

Open seminar: Helping a community to find a reflexive and inclusive voice.

Welcome to an open seminar with Mara Gorli, Associate Professor, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy, on the theme "Helping a community to find a reflexive and inclusive voice. The power of storytelling in healthcare contexts."

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About the seminar:

Organisations, like societies, legitimise power dynamics. In “ordinary” conditions these forces act and maintain balance and stability: they shape flows and movements of influence that may or may not find fortune, or they can perform and exercise certain functions in the course of history. Having said that, it is in the face of crisis scenarios that these balances falter, uncovering different conditions and spaces that need to be occupied to either ensure greater balance and fairness or to better respond to the crisis itself.

This paper draws from this framework to offer a telling of the story of one organisation – a major hospital in Northern Italy, entailing two temporal dimensions – the “ordinary” time and the extraordinary time, one of crisis: the pandemic SARS-CoV-2. In particular, we want to give voice to the narrative efforts that a professional community inhabiting this organisational reality embarked upon. Storytelling was used as a reflexive and collective form of creation of a sense of community as well as a sense of inclusion of many practitioners whose voices are not always heard, nurtured and valorised. Narration and storytelling are powerful approaches to achieve awareness and in- depth analysis of the state of art of a relational setting or system, and to trigger new spaces for reflections and necessary transformative actions. We dig into the potential of such approaches, as well as into the dark side, when applied to organizations. We highlight three directions in which narrations exercise their power; in fact, they impact: 1) on the individual, 2) on the relational and 3) on the organizational levels.

The paper illustrates the potentialities and critical considerations at these three levels and aims to contribute to a view of organizing that is made by reciprocal, horizontal and integrated movement within the relational fabric.

About the researcher:

Mara Gorli is Associate Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the Faculty of Economics, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy. Her main research interests are on the study of knowing, learning and change in organizations, group dynamics and reflexivity with a relational approach to the study of organizational life. With her background closely connected to the action research perspective for the intervention with organizations and groups, she conducts research and interventions in different fields, with a specific passion towards the healthcare and non- profit sector. She is also member of the Leadership and Organizational Cultures Area at CERISMAS, Centre for Research and Studies in Health Care Management, Milan http://www.cerismas.com/web/index.php Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.

One of many seminars from the research group New Organization and Management Practices (NOMP):

During the fall 2021 the research group of NOMP will organize several open research seminars. NOMP aims at co-creating cross-boundary knowledge about organizing processes with the purpose of contributing to responsible organizational, managerial and working life transitions. In so doing, the group explores contemporary organizational challenges related, but not limited to, different forms of management, gender and diversity, urban sustainability, leadership, the changing nature of work, and the implementing of new technologies.

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In our research we aim at co-creating cross-boundary knowledge about organising processes with the purpose of contributing to responsible organisational, managerial and working life transitions.

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