• Studieort Room R1-343, MDH Västerås campus and on Zoom
  • 2021-10-11 13:00–15:00

Open seminar: "A new business model pattern for solar energy arrives… and then?"

Welcome to an open seminar with Kajsa Ahlgren Ode, Postdoctoral Fellow, Lund University, Sweden on the theme "A new business model pattern for solar energy arrives… and then? A translation perspective on business model innovation in established firms."

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About the seminar:

This study examines the process of business model innovation (BMI) in established firms. We investigate the case of a Swedish utility company that adopted and implemented a business model (BM) pattern for solar energy coming from outside. We draw upon translation theory to understand the micro level dynamics of how the BMI process unfolds. Our findings show that BMI involves multiple loops of translation activated by the interplay between five mechanisms: formulating, engaging, resisting, anchoring and energizing. In this process, the BM is being disassembled into its different components and little by little reassembled into a whole again. On the basis of our findings, we develop a BMI framework revealing the dynamics between human and non-human actors, and their activities, in the translation process. We thereby contribute to a better understanding of BMI as a translation process and to a micro-level perspective on the BMI process initiated by the adoption of a BM pattern.

About the researcher:

Kajsa Ahlgren Ode holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management from Lund Faculty of Engineering. Her thesis focused on business models for solar energy travelling between geographical markets, and the innovation process associated with adopting already existing business model patterns. She explored this phenomenon from a translation perspective to examine the micro process of adopting a BM pattern and contextualizing it in a new setting. After defending her thesis, Kajsa received funding for a two-year postdoctoral project with the aim to develop a tool supporting the conceptualization of new business models for sustainability. The project has resulted in a mapping tool considering both the conceptualization of a new BM and the creation of a foundation for decision-making and implementation in and beyond the company.

One of many seminars from the research group New Organization and Management Practices (NOMP):

During the fall 2021 the research group of NOMP will organize several open research seminars. NOMP aims at co-creating cross-boundary knowledge about organizing processes with the purpose of contributing to responsible organizational, managerial and working life transitions. In so doing, the group explores contemporary organizational challenges related, but not limited to, different forms of management, gender and diversity, urban sustainability, leadership, the changing nature of work, and the implementing of new technologies.