Master's Programme in Chamber Music

The chamber music is designed and led by several of the country's leading musicians and educators, all of whom have extensive national and international experience as well as a wide professional network in their field.

The programme

The essence of chamber music is collaboration and responsibility. The programme places a strong emphasis on personal responsibility and demands an independence musically and practically - i.e. planning and meeting deadlines.

The programme consists of different modules in combination with artistic performances to ensure competence and progression not only in instrumental technique, musical expression and ensemble playing but also in issues of artistic research, artistic and academic writing, entrepreneurship, work-life orientation, business/judicial matters and gender equality.

Teachers with international experience

Throughout the programme you will be taught by an esteemed faculty of teachers and guest lecturers from the Swedish and international musical scene.

Around fifty performances every year

The Academy of Music and Opera produces about 50 concerts and performances per academic year, where you are given several opportunities to perform in front of audiences on different stages, in different instrument constellations and with repertoire from different stylistic periods. Some examples of venues are the Västmanland Theatre with 400 seats and orchestra pit, Västerås Concert Hall with 912 seats and top-level acoustics, the Hall of State (Rikssalen) at Västerås Castle and Västerås Cathedral with 1100 seats.

Specially adapted premises at Västerås Slott

The Academy of Music and Opera’s premises are located in the historic Västerås Castle, with rehearsal rooms that are specially adapted for music and extended hours access for students.


Degree of Master of Fine Arts in Western Classical Music and Opera - specialising in Chamber Music, 120 credits, is a full-time programme that runs for two years.

Year 1

  • Chamber Music 1, 27 credits
  • Principal study 1 (Chamber Music), 20 credits
  • Degree project Chamber Music, 30 credits, (of which 11 credits year 1)
  • The Professional Musician 1, 2 credits

Year 2

  • Chamber Music 2, 25.5 credits
  • Principal study 2 (Chamber Music), 10 credits
  • Degree project Chamber Music, 30 credits, (of which 19 credits year 2)
  • The Professional Musician 2, 5.5 credits

Choices within the programme

For students admitted to the Degree of Master of Fine Arts in Western Classical Music and Opera - specialising in chamber music, compulsory studies apply according to the programme syllabus and the schedule. To be admitted to courses within the programme, the student must meet the specific entry requirements that are provided. The specific entry requirements are set out in the respective course syllabus.


The degree programme is structured so that studies lead to a:

  • Degree of Master of Fine Arts (120 credits) in Chamber Music

If you as a student choose not to complete a particular course, the elections made may affect the possibilities to meet the degree requirements. For more information about degrees and degree requirements, please refer to the local System of Qualifications published on the University's website.

Entrance examination

Jobs and the future

As an instrumentalist, you will have a creative and varied profession in ensembles, orchestras, opera houses or as a freelance musician.

Programme structure and content

If you study full-time, you study 30 higher education credits (hp) per semester. Courses can run at different paces and be of different lengths. As a program student, you have a guaranteed place for courses in your program and you study the courses in a specific order. Some courses within a program are mandatory and some are optional.

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