Bachelor's and Master's programmes

Our programmes cover a variety of subject areas and are strongly interrelated with the research environments of the university. You can expect education of very high quality and you will have close contact with your teachers and fellow students.

We design our study programmes in cooperation with business and society; guaranteeing the high quality of our education and making our students attractive employees.

At MDU you decide who to become after your studies.

All our international programmes are taught completely in English.

Bachelor's programmes

Analytical Finance

The Programme will prepare you for a career in the international world of finance. With an in-depth knowledge of mathematics, you will be able to conduct quantitative analyses of financial markets and manage financial portfolios.

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International Business Management

The International Business Management programme is for you who want a career in the increasingly global and international world of business and who want to study in English together with students from all over the world.

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The Chamber Music Programme

Whether you are an instrumentalist or a singer, the Chamber Music programme will give you the opportunity to develop so that you can reach your full.

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Master's programmes

Business and Marketing

International Marketing

This programme provides students with theoretical and practical in-depth knowledge with hands-on skills in International Marketing to build their future in academia, industry or other organisations. Critical thinking and analytical skills are practised in the program to prepare students to create strategies to deal with the fast-growing and changing marketplaces with intense competition.

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Global Strategy and Management

Enhance your chances to succeed in the globalised business world and become a responsible leader or a successful management consultant.

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Computer science

Intelligent Embedded Systems

In this programme you learn how to design intelligent embedded systems that are safe, reliable and can learn from and adapt to their surroundings. After your studies you can work as an engineer, project manager, system architect or programmer.

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Software Engineering

In this programme you learn how to develop and maintain high-quality software systems that matches the increasingly demands of today’s digital society. After your studies you will be able to work as a software architect, developer or project manager in industry or as a researcher in academia.

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Engineering Mathematics

The programme will provide you with a broad and relevant knowledge of mathematics and its applications. This knowledge is in high demand since tomorrow’s technology depends on mathematical methods and calculations. The programme will give you knowledge and skills that will be useful to you in developing new technology, building a sustainable society or running your own successful businesses.

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Financial Engineering

The Master's programme in Financial Engineering provides you with advanced qualifications in mathematics and finance, covering a wide range of topics from the management of financial portfolios to risk analysis in financial markets. As a graduate you will be in demand for senior positions in the international world of finance.

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Technology and Engineering

Innovation and Design

In this programme you develop knowledge of innovation management, design processes and the importance of communication in innovation and design. On completion of your studies you can work for example as a project manager or an innovation manager.

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Product and Process Development - Production and Logistics

This programme helps you develop knowledge of the most important issues in modern production and logistics systems. You learn to analyse, evaluate and optimise solutions that will enable you to develop the systems successfully and competitively.

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Sustainable Energy Systems

Your cutting-edge expertise will be required in the transition from fossil to renewable energy sources and in order to meet the requirements of society utilising the energy in a more efficient way. As an engineer within the energy field you are attractive on the professional market. You could land a position as project manager or plant engineer in Sweden or abroad.

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Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Development

Our world is under threat from climate change, overconsumption, and ever-increasing pollution. Are you interested in contributing to the solutions of these in a sustainable way? If so, then the online Master's programme in Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Development is a great choice!

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