The good reputation of the teachers made Ellinor choose MDU

A tip from a friend that the teachers at MDU are good decided Ellinor Bertilsson to apply here after her study years in the USA.

Ellinor Bertilsson read her Bachelor’s degree in the USA, and felt that after four years it was time to move back home to Sweden again to continue her studies and at the same time come nearer to her family.

– I chose the Master’s programme in International Marketing at MDU because it was important for me to read a programme in English, says Ellinor Bertilsson. Apart from that I’d heard from a close friend who was reading International Business Management that it was a good school with skilled teachers. It was also an extra plus that the study programme was for only one year.

“The teachers take the time to really get to know us”

– The teachers care about how things are going for us, not just at the Uni but also on the personal level, says Ellinor Bertilsson. They take the time to really get to know us as people. We’ve even got teachers who organised an evening outside the Uni where we got the chance to hang out as a class, go bowling and eat dinner together. That was really super!

Ellinor Bertilsson tells us that the teachers are available before and after lectures for anyone who has any questions.

– And even when we get in touch on other occasions we always get a quick answer. Besides that, the teachers were very active in getting our thoughts going early on about the Master’s dissertation. They’re available way before the real process gets under way so that we can ask questions.

Students can use their knowledge to help real companies

Included in the programme are courses where students collaborate with a company, in Sweden or in some other part of the world, and come up with suggestions for how they can market themselves in an international market.

– My group collaborated with a local company and produced a plan for how they could expand on to the German market, says Ellinor Bertilsson.

The group did both a market analysis, a target group analysis and a suggestion for how the company could adapt the product and the concept to the German market.

– Apart from this we recorded a commercial film for them, says Ellinor Bertilsson. I learnt a lot by transferring theory into practice in a real-life environment. Moreover we got the chance to work close to the company management. Getting first-hand information from a company in this way enabled me to learn even more about how a company thinks internally: what they see as their greatest weaknesses and strengths as well as opportunities and risks.

The EFMD accreditation shows that the programme maintains a high quality

The Master’s programme in International Marketing is one of the programmes at MDU that is EFMD-accredited. This is an indication that the programme has a high quality and stands up well in an international perspective.

– I was given the chance to be one of the students to meet the International Evaluation Group when the programme was to renew its accreditation, says Ellinor Bertilsson. That was an awesome experience. For us as students the accreditation indicates that the programme is incredibly structured and that in their teaching they highlight primarily present-day problems in combination with the classical models and theories. This creates a broader understanding.