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Porträtt av Aida Khodabandehloo.

Aida Khodabandehloo.

The proximity to the industry made Aida Khodabandehloo choose to read the Master's programme in Product and Process Development - Production and Logistics at MDU. After two years of studying, she is ready to begin her career in Industry 4.0.

– I am ready to transfer my knowledge from this programme into practice. My dream is to work as a Line Manager in a large international company, says Aida Khodabandehloo.

A few years ago, Aida Khodabandehloo got a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering in Iran and started working as an expert and quality control engineer for three years. In January 2017 she moved to her husband in Sweden and decided to educate herself further. Through friends she was recommended the Master's programme at MDU.

– I chose MDU due to the fact that the programme was very industry-oriented and that the University is located in two cities with a strong industrial connection, says Aida Khodabandehloo.

Contact with potential employers

The programme contains both theoretical and practical applications and the students have access to different types of software such as Microsoft Visio and Extendsim for simulation. Almost every course includes collaborations with large, international companies in different ways - from study visits to running projects together.

– It has been helpful because I have made contacts at several large companies and with potential employers. It has also given me an insight into how these companies work in practice, as well as how I can use in working life what I have learned from the programme, says Aida Khodabandehloo.

The latest trends in the industry

According to Aida Khodabandehloo, one of the strengths of the programme is that the courses contain the latest trends in the industry, such as Industry 4.0 with smart factories and digital tools.

– If you are interested in improving industry focusing on digitisation and Industry 4.0, then this programme is the best choice, says Aida Khodabandehloo.

Master in Product and Process Development - Production and Logistics

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