Meet Savannah who wants to be an inspirational leader

– The International Business Management programme has given me the opportunity to combine studying business with an international perspective. Business is such a large area and this programme has helped me to narrow down my options on what I want to focus on in the future, says Savannah Buhler.

Savannah Buhler, student vid IBM

Savannah Buhler was born and raised in South Africa. Before moving to Sweden, she lived in the US for five years. Living abroad and experiencing a varied environment is something she has really enjoyed in her daily life. Before moving to Sweden, Savannah knew that she wanted to do something business-related with an international aspect. As a result, the International Business Management programme at MDU was the ideal choice for her.


What has been the best thing about the programme and studying at MDU so far?

– This programme has been great because I have learnt what I most enjoy doing and what I don’t really like. Business encompasses such a large sphere and this programme has helped me to narrow down my options to what I want to focus on in the future and potentially do my Masters in.

– I believe that studying at MDU is fantastic both in terms of diversity and the location; the University has lots to offer in terms of potential and helping us to grow as individuals. The University also focuses on sustainability and helps us develop a better future.


What do you want to work with in the future?

– I hope to be a successful leader, as thanks to this programme, I have learnt what the difference is between a leader and a manager. I want to be someone who inspires others and do my best with what I’ve got.


Would you recommend others to study the same programme?

–Yes, of course! I believe that those who apply to this programme will definitely come away with a great deal of knowledge and will have made some of their lifelong friendships along the way.


Is there anything else you would like to say to someone who is thinking of applying to MDU or to the same programme?

– Be open-minded – you will meet people from all over the world! It is important to make the best of your studies while you can. Never miss an opportunity to get involved and push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.