MDU prepares students for their future working lives

Sultan Tekie is currently studying the Master’s programme in Sustainable Energy Systems. What he welcomes in the programme is that MDU really prepares students for their future working lives and the close cooperation with companies from all over the world.

Sultan Tekie, student at masterprogrammet i hållbara energisystem

What made you apply for the Master's in Sustainable Energy Systems?

− I was interested in the Sustainable Energy Systems programme because of my previous career in Eritrea, my home country. After working for seven years as an expert in renewable energy for the agricultural sector, I decided to further enhance my knowledge by studying this programme.


What do you want to work with in the future?

− My options are plentiful. For example, I could work for a consultancy firm, at a power plant (for renewable and non-renewable energy) or in a battery manufacturing company. All these jobs interest me.


Would you recommend others to apply to MDU or to the same programme?

− Yes, I would. The University prepares you for a real working environment, unlike other universities. I heard that they prepare you mostly for exams. I don’t believe much in written exams as it is very different to a working environment. Here at MDU, we do a lot of projects and reports that can be compared with work at a real company.

− In addition, MDU has a close cooperation with various companies that focus on sustainable energy systems. We have had guest lecturers from companies all over the world. The project I will be working on in my final semester is for a company that has links to the University.

− I also admire the teaching technique we have had for the past one and half years. Moreover, the shortcuts I have learnt in different aspects have made my journey easier, they are called simulations.