”Dare to take a chance and see where it will take you”

Lotta Mannonen, from Finland, wants to travel the world and work with marketing and sustainable development. In order to be prepared for the future, she started studying International Business Management (IBM) at Mälardalen University.

Lotta pluggar på IBM

Lotta chose to study IBM because of the fact that she wanted to study abroad for a while and Sweden seemed like a good opportunity.

– I speak the language and really enjoyed the culture. It is a beautiful country, very similar to Finland so no big adjustment was needed. I wanted to study business in English and decided just to apply to random universities in Sweden and see where it would take me. I got accepted to Mälardalen University and now, in retrospect, I am very happy with the city I ended up in - neither too big nor too small.

According to Lotta IBM gives good international readiness in the changing business environment.

– The teaching language is English, which means that it is easy to take advantage of it when traveling and working abroad- it is good to study business concepts in a language that is worldwide very popular and used. You get to study many different subjects from marketing to commercial law and statistics and after graduating, you will be able to work internationally in many different areas of business, depending on your interests. The best thing with the program is that it is very international. People come here from different countries and backgrounds from all around the world.

Marketing and sustainable development

In the future Lotta would like to work with marketing and sustainable development.

– I am very social and open person with a growing interest in environmental issues. I would like to work abroad, probably in Sweden and travel around the world.

She was pleased with the university's premises which she thinks are nice and modern.

– You can book rooms to study individually or in a group, or go to the library. There are many different food options from baguettes to ’’the lunch of a day’’ and you can even bring your own food to the school. There are some parties arranged by the Student Union in addition to the various events and activities outside the school within every program. When starting at MDU, the 2-3 first weeks are orientation, where the students will get a change to take a tour at the school and see how everything works. There will be many chances to get to know people and make contacts for life!

Tips for future students?

– Start looking for an accommodation right away when you get accepted and get a Swedish personal number if you are from outside of Sweden. And also, dare to take a chance and see where it will take you!


MDU has been granted the EPAS accreditation for the the Bachelor’s programme in International Business Management and the Master's programme in International Marketing.

EPAS (EFMD Programme Accreditation System) is an international accreditation system that evaluates business programmes at bachelor’s and master’s level. To become accredited is an indication that the programmes maintain high quality and stand up well from an international perspective.