A year that makes a difference for your career

The support of dedicated teachers helps the students make the most out of the one-year Master's programme in International Marketing.

Porträttbild av Ellinor Bertilsson

Wissam Abdelnour moved to Sweden in 2018. While he was learning the Swedish language, he decided to continue his higher education in parallel.

– For me, Mälardalen University was the perfect choice with this one-year education programme, says Wissam Abdelnour. I like the diversity that Mälardalen University offers in terms of learning material and support as well as the atmosphere in class and between the classmates.

Another advantage he highlights is the support from the teachers.

– The relationship with the teachers is great as they are very supportive, and they never hesitate to help you in case you ask for any assistance, says Wissam Abdelnour. This was happening in every course and I experienced it on a personal level.

Students help companies solve actual challenges

As part of their education the students do projects where they analyse challenges and decisions faced by real companies, or help a company to solve an actual challenge.

– In the Strategic Marketing course, we did a marketing plan for a company I used to work for in Kuwait, says Wissam Abdelnour. They can use this plan if they decide to open a subsidiary in Sweden. In this course I learned about market integration and the challenges a company can face.

“I believe the EFMD accreditation is very beneficial for the programme credibility”

The University has been granted the EFMD accreditation for the Master's programme in International Marketing. To become accredited is an indication that the programme maintains high quality and stands out well from an international perspective.

– I participated in the student committee for the EFMD accreditation as I believe that this accreditation is very beneficial for the programme’s credibility on both the local and international level, says Wissam Abdelnour.