Get to know MDU

The University's 20 000 students read courses and study programmes in Business, Health, Engineering and Education. The University conduct research within all areas of education and have internationally outstanding research in future energy and embedded systems. The close cooperation with the private and public sectors enables MDU to help people feel better and the earth to last longer. Mälardalen University is located on both sides of Lake Mälaren with campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås.

Nya MDH Eskilstuna

Campus Eskilstuna

With one of the most modern and brand new university buildings in Europe Campus Eskilstuna is something out of the ordinary. The city is picturesque with its river floating right through it and the cafés, terrasses and restaurants by the river are popular places to hang out.

Campus Västerås

Being a student is more than just studying. Västerås as a city has a lot to offer you as a student at MDU. There’s something for everyone, be it you prefer hiking or clubbing. The student community is active and the student associations organise trips, language cafés, parties and much more.

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