Extending your exchange period

Do you wish you had signed up for two semesters instead of just one? For an exchange student who is here at MDU for a one semester exchange it may be possible to extend the period of exchange to two semesters.

Great that you like us so much that you want to stay! To extend your period of exchange from one to two semesters you need to do the following:

1. Confirmation from home university

Contact your home university / your home coordinator to get a confirmation e.g. in an email, that there aren’t any objections to your extended exchange. We recommend that you clarify whether grants are available or not from your home university.

Forward the confirmation to you International coordinator here at MDU.

2. Approval of preliminary Learning Agreement

When you have received the confirmation from your home university please contact the international coordinator at the responsible School here at MDU where you intend to take courses. Ask if it is possible within the exchange agreement to extend your stay. If the answer is ‘Yes’ then discuss which courses to take in the extra semester.

Make a list of courses that you wish to add to your Learning Agreement and ask the coordinators here and at home to approve it. The final update of the Learning Agreement should wait till later in the autumn semester when course schedules for the spring semester have been published (end of December).

3. Confirmation and approval

When the Confirmation and Approval above have been confirmed a Letter of Acceptance will be issued. The international coordinator will inform your home university about the approved extension.