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Enabling Practice-Based Innovation: Exploring and Developing the Educational Function of Innovation Management Tools

The aim of the proposed research project is to enable practice-based innovation through development and use of innovation management tools which facilitate the emergence of learning-intensive work organisations, i.e. functioning as pedagogical tools. In this project the innovation management tools Prindit and Photo elicitation (PET) are explored and further developed.









Projektansvarig vid MDU

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Description of the project

As innovation has been placed at the top of many organisations strategic agendas, the demand on skills, tools and work procedures that support innovative work in practice has grown exponentially. The overall research objective is to explore which features in the use of an innovation management tool turns it into a pedagogical tool, and to what extent and in what ways can a pedagogical tool enable practice-based innovation. And, three research questions are formulated as follows: RQ1: How can ICT-based innovation management tools be used to support the emergence of practice-based innovation? RQ2: To what extent and in what ways are pedagogical effects generated by the different activities of the Innowatch process? RQ3: To what extent and in what ways can a pedagogical tool influence the learning of innovation capability in an organisation?

The research project, with a total duration of 36 months, is a co-production between researchers at Mälardalen University and ABB FACTS, Bombardier Transportation, Prevas AB, and Skatteverket. The project can be described as a participatory action research project. A major activity of the research project is an intervention; the Innowatch process. The intervention goes on under a period of 24 months. Five Innowatch teams (1-5) from three organisations (ABB, Bombardier and Prevas) will take part of the intervention. To be able to draw conclusions on the effects of the intervention four groups (6-9) from four organisations (ABB, Bombardier, Prevas and Skatteverket) are serving as control groups. The five Innowatch teams will take part of the Innowatch process, which mean they will obtain external facilitation in 11 workshops, whereof three workshops contain the photo elicitation process, and, each team are going to use Prindit as a weekly assessment tool. The project activities are organised in four work packages (WP): 1 External facilitation; 2 The Prindit tool; 3 The photo elicitation tool (PET); and 4 Measuring Learning and innovation capabilities.

The scientific contribution in this project is to further explore the pedagogical effects of innovation management tools and how such tools can enable practice-based innovation, and have a long-term impact on the innovation capabilities of an organisation. This is of general interest as there is a lack of such considerations when innovation management tools are presented and discussed. Another expected outcome is that the participating companies will be able to incorporate the tools in their everyday work practices, as means to strengthen their innovation capabilities.