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CPS-based resilience for critical infrastructure protection

The project is about building knowledge and networks of partners in order to plan for international funded research project applications on those topics.









Projektansvarig vid MDU

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Description of the project

The project is about a feasibility study in cybersecurity and digital infrastructure, and more specifically on:

  • The role of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) in achieving higher resilience of critical infrastructures.
  • The new vulnerabilities introduced by CPS when extensively employed in critical infrastructures operation and surveillance, and how to ensure a higher CPS security.

This feasibility study is planned for 8 months with the following activities:

  • Search and reach potential partners.
  • Propose and attend 4-8 meetings with partners.
  • Take 1-2 consultancy meetings with international experts.
  • Attend 1-2 international seminars/workshops/conference participation.
  • Attend related seminars/conferences on cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection, which are recommended by MSB.

The primary purpose of the project is to:

  • Develop and evaluate a feasibility study on CPS-based resilience for CIP (critical infrastructure protection).
  • Reach international partners and national partners to set up a consortium for an EU application.
  • Develop and validate research ideas for a potential EU application.
  • Attend EU level and international level seminars, workshops and conferences in the domain and discuss the ideas with available international experts, and update the research ideas.
  • Meeting with industrial partners (both in EU and Sweden) and formulate the research to adapt to industry needs.

Project objectives is to:

  • Find sufficient partners, both international and national partners, mixed with industrial and academic partners.
  • Formulated ideas after the consultation with new found partners.
  • Establish a strong consortium and decide the topic for applying an EU project.
  • Extend our research/academic network in the domain of cybersecurity for critical infrastructure protection.


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