Redovisning och styrning

Effects of regional innovation systems in new corporate survival, profitability and growth

This research program aims to contribute to a better understanding of how the design of regional innovation systems affects the creation of new companies, their survival, profitability and growth, and ability to create new jobs. 







Projektansvarig vid MDU

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The study focus on Innovation Stockholm, an organization in Stockholm that provides advice and some financial assistance to individuals who wish to have support to develop a business idea, patenting, and start businesses.

The research combines statistical analysis of a survey aimed at the customers of Innovation Stockholm, with longitudinal real-time studies of a group of their customers. In the longitudinal real-time studies, a group of Innovation Stockholm customers will be followed from their first counseling opportunity and over two years into the future to determine how their business idea develop, how they experience the regional innovation system, and their needs of support in different phases of their start-up process. Comparisons will be made with other regional innovation systems in Sweden and abroad.

The project is part of the research program Support to new firms.