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The EURECA project aims to establish a Eurasian academic mobility Network, for achieving excellence in research and education in a global context, by identifying key themes for cooperation, leveraging on the complementary competencies and providing synergies essential for the progress and mutual benefit of the targeted Asian countries as well as the European Union.







Projektansvarig vid MDU

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Description of the project

The consortium comprises of 16 prominent educational institutions ( 9 from Europe and 7 from Asia) and is coordinated by Mälardalen University, Sweden. The exchange of personnel, knowledge and competences in multiple study domains of science and technology by our consortium is expected to have a positive and long ranging impact on the socio-economic development of Asia in a sustainable manner. On the other hand, EU will gain knowledge about the socio-technological setup prevailing at the developing Asian countries and will be able to engage in long-standing business relations with the Asian economies.

The consortium partners have special competencies/ requirements in the study areas such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Business studies and Management Sciences, and pay special attention to the mobility needs in these identified thematic fields.

Our primary goal is to find top talents from Asia and help them to achieve highest level of excellence in research and education. Additionally, we aim to provide the necessary impetus to the educational systems prevailing at various Asian partner institutions to comprehend and adapt the European educational models and values to the extent feasible.

With a funding of of nearly 5 million Euros, EURECA project already facilitated about 200 students/researchers/faculty from Asia/EU to conduct a part of their study at one of the partner institutions.