Vera 2021: Girls in school years 4 – 6 solve technical problems for Volvo CE

Girls in school year 5 building lego.

Vera roadshow 2019.

Girls are awesome at technology and we should harness their talents. We would like more girls to choose to study engineering. During the spring semester, girls in grades 4– 6 in Eskilstuna and Hallsberg schools borrowed an engineer from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) and engineering students from Mälardalen University (MDU) and Örebro University (ORU). They worked with real challenges from Volvo CE, in order to discover the thrill of solving actual, technical problems to build a better tomorrow.

The concept is called Vera and is named after Vera Sandberg, Sweden's first female engineer.

Listen to the pupils' findings

The pupils have been working on the challenges for four weeks and will present their findings to Volvo CE, MDU and ORU. In connection to the final presentations, a presentation on the Vera concept will also be given by the project managers; Natalie Agerskans and San Giliyana from MDU, Ulrika Sultan from Linköping University and Anna Sannö from Volvo CE.

Date: 10 May

Time: 09:15-10:30

Location: a Microsoft Teams digital meeting.

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Vera - encouraging girls' interest in technology

Research shows that girls are at risk of losing interest in technology around the ages of 11 –12, if their interest is not stimulated. MDU, together with Volvo CE, want to change this through the VERA concept. Girls who participate in VERA get to meet female role models, solve technical challenges and learn more about the opportunities that come with the engineering profession.

This is how Vera works:

1.Digital start-up event. The start-up event takes place during the week starting 19 April (week 16) through Microsoft Teams.

During the start-up, engineering students participate and describe what it is like to study engineering and show off amazing technology used in the courses. Ulrika Sultan, who conducts research on young girls' interest in technology, helps by encouraging the girls ahead of the practical modules. The pupils also get to meet engineers from Volvo CE who need their help in solving problems.

Some examples of problems from Volvo CE: "At Volvo CE, we work with safety to ensure that no-one gets injured in road accidents. How can technology make new vehicles less dangerous? How can road traffic become safer and less dangerous for us with the help of technology?

2. After the start-up event, the girls work in groups to solve one of Volvo CE's problems. During weeks 17 and 18, a weekly briefing is conducted with engineering students from MDU and ORU, and engineers from Volvo CE, via Microsoft Teams, to support the girls in their problem-solving. During these briefings, the engineering students and engineer discuss what it means to be an engineer and answer the girls’ questions. A total of 14 engineering students will participate, where each engineering student has one group each.

3. After the four weeks are over, the girls will present their findings to Volvo CE, MDU and ORU. The girls will either present live or via pre-recorded films. The final presentations will take place on 10 May between 9:15 and 10:30 through Microsoft Teams.

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