Register and publish your essay or degree project in DiVA

Here is information about how you publish your essay or degree project in DiVA. Contact information for DiVA administrators can be found at the bottom of the page.

Read and approve

For you to be able to submit your essay you must first accept the agreement for publication that exists between you and the University. You have the opportunity to read the agreement in full when you submit your essay.

Regulations and terms:

  • The essay must have been passed and any corrections you were asked to make must have been made.
  • The various Schools may have their own regulations for publishing essays on the website. If you are unaware of what rules apply, contact your teacher before publishing the essay.
  • You are responsible for being the author of the essay, for having permission to publish any parts that have another author (for example a co-author or for images), and also for ensuring otherwise that the essay does not contravene current laws.
  • You must have permission from the copyright owner to use other people’s images, diagrams etc.
  • BUS External link. (the Visual Copyright Society in Sweden) represents thousands of Swedish and international artists. If you wish to use an image by any of these you are to contact BUS. Alternatively you can contact the copyright holder, publisher or editor. State in what context you wish to use the image and where it will be published.
  • If you do not obtain permission you can omit the image in the electronic edition and replace it with an explanatory text such as “This image is not included in the electronic edition for copyright reasons”.
  • If you have your personal identity number somewhere in the essay it is advisable to remove it before publication.

Correct format for uploading

Save your work as a PDF file before uploading it in DiVA.

Log in to register and publish

It is mandatory to register the essay in Diva. You register the information about the essay in a web form, where the PDF file also is uploaded.

Log in to register in DiVA External link. Use your user ID and password that you received from the University.

Select whether your text will be available for download

  • When you register your work in DiVA you must upload your work as a full-text file.
  • It is mandatory to upload your essay in DiVA, but you can choose whether the file should be freely available on the Internet or if the file should be hidden.
  • If you do not want the file to be available, mark the alternative “only for archiving” when you upload the file to DiVA.
  • When you select “only for archiving”, your work can still be searched for as a record/reference in DiVA's general search interface, but your work will not be available for download.
  • Please note that you are not to send in an archive copy in paper form. Archiving is done digitally in DiVA.

Where is your essay after publication?

When your essay has been registered/published in DiVA it is searchable in several places:

Do you need help?

Please note that you cannot correct any errors yourself once the essay has been submitted. If there was some error in registration/publishing, contact a DiVA administrator at your School.

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